Baresel Family Reunion

June 19-25, 2006


Location of Reunion
Creekhaven Inn
Wimberley, TX
How We're Gonna Fit
How We're Gonna EAT

Stuff to Do While You're Here
Shopping (of course!)
Canyon Lake
Guadalupe River
Schlitterbaun Water Park
Eating Out
Other Things If You Get Bored

Contact Info

Welcome to the Baresel Family Reunion Web Site, version 2006.  We thought we'd put most of the stuff that you might like to see here, instead of sending you tons of folders and junk in the mail.  Don't worry - those family members lucky enough to have avoided the Internet to this point in their lives WILL receive this info via their friendly postal carrier.

Of course we're gonna forget to put specifically what YOU would like to read about.  Comes with the territory.  So, if that be the case, don't hesitate to phone, email, or yell loudly, though the latter will probably only get your neighbors angry at you.

We've chose a spot that we thought might be a little different than the usual Baresel reunion, and hopefully that difference will prove to be a good thing.  Instead of cabins or "motel-like" accommodations, we've rented an entire bed-and-breakfast, though we're tossing out the breakfast, as the owners are going to take a vacation while we are staying there.  I believe the thought of an entire family descending upon them for a week was too much for them.

The other major difference is that this spot is smack in the middle of a small Texas town, Wimberley.  Instead of being way out in the country, where bears, rabbits and coyote are likely to steal dinner, you can walk to downtown in less than five minutes and grab a cup of coffee and a newspaper.  That said, this is a SMALL Texas town, so it's pretty peaceful unless they're having a parade.  We'll be staying at the end of a gravel road, and there's not much around except a few houses across the creek.  Barbara insists that I let you know that "there is nothing to be frightened of", even though Wimberley is a "small Texas town".  In reality, it is a highly sought-after vacation spot.

Look around, and see what you're getting into.  We're excited we have the opportunity to plan this reunion.  Be sure to let us know if we can improve on something.

-Barbara & Sam Ritter