Baresel Family Reunion

June 19-25, 2006


Location of Reunion
Creekhaven Inn
Wimberley, TX
How We're Gonna Fit
How We're Gonna EAT

Stuff to Do While You're Here
Shopping (of course!)
Canyon Lake
Guadalupe River
Schlitterbaun Water Park
Eating Out
Other Things If You Get Bored

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How We're Gonna Eat

Creekhaven Inn has ONE large kitchen, and LOTS of room to sit and eat.  We came up with a schedule whereby each family gets to prepare ONE DAY'S meals for everyone.   Don't get worried - others can help, but one family will be in charge for that day.  That way, everyone gets to reveal their culinary wizardry to the entire Baresel clan, and the rest of the time, sit back and munch out.  Think of it: one day cooking and five days being spoon fed.  Not bad.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
breakfast   Atkins Horners Ritters Robert, Erika, Robbie Pavlik's Leftovers
lunch   Atkins Horners Ritters Robert, Erika, Robbie Pavlik's  
dinner Ritters Atkins Horners Eating Out Robert, Erika, Robbie Pavlik's